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Please be aware that there are many fake/counterfeit Rainbow Loom® products available online and at stores. Some fake products possess the same name as genuine Rainbow Loom® products. These counterfeit products are unsafe for children, have not been tested in accordance with U.S. Toy Safety Standards (may contain lead and other dangerous substances), inferior in quality, and do not come with Rainbow Loom® warranty. Please purchase genuine Rainbow Loom® products from our authorized retailers or at this site.
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Instructional Videos

Please click on the pattern graphic for instructional video clip in pop-up window.

Beginner Level

Single Chain Bracelet
Diamond Bracelet
Diamond Ridge Bracelet
Honeycomb Bracelet
Single Rhombug Bracelet
Triangle Bracelet
Speckled Rhombus Bracelet
Diamond Trio Bracelet
Spiral Bracelet
Bead Ladder Bracelet
Triple Single Bracelet
Triple Single Backpack Tag

Intermediate Level

Taffy Twist Bracelet
Double Bead Ladder Bracelet
Rainbow Ladder Bracelet
Zippy Chain Bracelet
Holiday Bracelet
Liberty Twist Bracelet
Team Spirit Bracelet
Double Forward Rhombus
Double Rearward Rhombus
Tulip Tower Bracelet
Crossed Hexagon Ring
Butterfly Blossom Ring
Sweetheart Bracelet
Heart Bracelet
Serpentine Bracelet
Butterfly Blossoms Bracelet
Diamond with Rings Bracelet
Triple Single with Rings
Raindrops Bracelet
The Rectangle Bracelet
Rose Garden Bracelet
Upsy Daisy Twistzy Wistzy

Advanced Level

Zig Zag Bracelet
Starfish Bracelet
Twistzy Wistzy Bracelet
Ladybug Bracelet
Honey Bee Bracelet
Star Burst Bracelet
Flower Power Bracelet
Rainbow Blooms Bracelet
Rainbow Bloom Charm
Carnation Bracelet
Bird of Paradise Bracelet
Delta Wing Bracelet
Totem Pole Bracelet
Fen's Fantastic Bracelet
Feather Bracelet
Confetti Criss-Cross
Hibiscus Bracelet