RL Recycles

Rainbow Loom Recycles!

Helping the environment is very important to us at Rainbow Loom. We are happy to announce that we are establishing a recycling program. This is a brand new initiative for us. We want to provide a solution to prevent the bands from making their way into our oceans and landfills.

We encourage you to do your part and participate in helping keep our planet clean!


What is the difference between bio-degradable and Recyclable?

Biodegradable: matter that is generally made from plant, animal and other substances originating from living organisms, or artificial materials that are similar enough to be broken down over time by other living bacteria to return it to its natural form.

Recyclable: matter that can be broken down to be used again in the same or similar form as before. Recycled rubber bands can be used to make playground equipment, shoes, yoga mats and more!

Can I recycle my c-clips?

Yes! C-clips and other brand clips are acceptable, but please separate them from your design before sending.

Can I recycle bands that are not Rainbow Loom?

Yes! We care about the environment and want to see all rubber bands recycled.

Do I have to take my creation apart?

No, you can send in completed projects.We just ask that you separate the c-clips and any other beads or charms before sending.

What happens to the bands after I send them to Rainbow Loom?

The bands get melted down and/or shredded and they will eventually be used to create new things!

Recycle with with us...